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Ruby lasers have a unique appeal and yet even in their simplicity they offer challenging engineering efforts.

Obviously, ruby lasers discussed here involve lethal voltages and current due to high voltage power supplies and high energy storage capacitors.  These html pages do not provide all the required technical knowledge for safe operation or engineering of such systems.  They only provide data about systems that were built/tested. These pages are not intended as a manual for designing.

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Ruby design:

alignrod.htm C plane alignment procedure

resalign.htm Plano-Concave resonator alignment procedure

fire1a.htm First successful experiment on a mopa.(Tank laser Information).

rw_mopa2.htm Application notes from version 2.  60mj holographic 3 tank laser mopa. (Laser setup and circuit information and schematics).

rwmopa3.htm Application notes from version 3 ( a 200mj laser) and version 4.

rw-mopa-ver5.htm Application notes of version 5 mopa. 

rwmopa6.htm Application notes about version 6.

rwmopa7.htm Application notes and pictures of SLM version  7. 1/2" and 3/4" amps.

rwmopa8.htm Application notes and pictures of SLM version 8. Water cooled amplifiers. 2 Joule output.

rwmopa9.htm Application notes and pictures of SLM version 9. Water cooled oscillator and amplifiers with inline water cooler.

jk2000_hls2.html Inspection and cleaning of a commercial Ruby laser. This project will show some of the important design features regarding performance and safety engineering.

weights.xls Excel spreadsheet to calculate various laser parameters, power supply parameters, and holography calculations.