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JK Lasers System 2000 HLS-2 Holocamera. Ruby Laser.

This project will document the cleaning and inspection of a commercial holographic laser. It will focus on documenting the systems of the laser and the safety features that are incorporated.

jk1.jpg   Side view of the laser head.

jk2.jpg Laser head on a movable adjustable Newport Inc. table.

jk3.jpg Safety decals on the side of the laser head.

jk4.jpg Overhead view of the laser head with the cover off. (this would trip the safety interlock switch system if powered).

jk5.jpg View of the Laser rod cavities with their covers off. (again another safety interlock switch system to prevent accidental shock because of the bare terminals.

jk6.jpg Rear view of the resonator frame.

jk7.jpg Laser cavity with the interlock switch shown.

jk8.jpg The Power supply cabinet opened. Notice the HV shorting probes on the left side.

jk9.jpg The data plate on the power cabinet.

jk10.jpg A view of one of the high voltage capacitors with safety features.

jk11.jpg The system control chassis. Contains the control/timing circuits and Pockel cell driver.

jk12.jpg The water exchanger pulled out of the lower area of the power supply cabinet.

jk13.jpg The back side of the power supply with the umbilical boxes removed.

jk14.jpg Underside of the laser head with the aluminum cover  removed.

jk15.jpg Discharge technique on the HLS-2 HV caps before service.

jk16.jpg PFN circuit on two lamps.

More documentation will follow.