Any good surplus places in <blah>-Country, <blah>-City?

Note: USA list gets updated quite a bit, and CA lists updated a bit - ed

What is this all about?

The places contained herein are understood to be commercial, eternal hamfests! Please submit your favorite local place with the forms available in the lists for your country.

My definition of fun: a store/warehouse, selling surplus/obsolete/junk, where customers can browse the goodies OR can obtain a catalog which can also be browsed. This list is for interesting places to visit and spend a day [and blow some money]... It's not for large, commercial operations that require QTY 1000 purchases, quotes, Purchase Orders, and all that jazz... After all, if you have much $$$, you can pick up any phone book and have an agent do it for you. We won't have that here!

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