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1. Leeds

(From Dick Dillman WPE2VT)

Johns Radio
Whitehall Works
84 Whitehall Road East
Bradford, BD11 2ER
Tel: (01274) 684007
Fax: (01274) 834465

Large collection of receivers, especially RACAL including RA-17 and later models, test equipment and vast amounts of other goodies. Ask for Pat. Caution: the filling of orders can take a very long time.

(From Andrew Emmerson)

M&B Radio Ltd
86 Bishopsgate Street
Leeds, LS1 4BB
Tel: +44 113-243 5649
Fax: +44 113-242 6881

Strong on ex-broadcast equipment, test gear in general. Not noted for low prices.

2. Nottingham

(From Andrew Emmerson)

Anchor Surplus Ltd
The Cattle Market
Nottingham, NG2 3GY
Tel: +44 115-986 4902
Tel: +44 115-986 4041
Fax: +44 115 986 4667

Open: 09.00-18.00 Monday-Friday, 08.00-16.00 Saturday, middle of the day Sunday.

Several large sheds of mainly military surplus: electronics and optical items, mechnical engineering and furniture (boring stuff!). Electronics section is strong on military radio, test gear and weird lenses. Not as good as it used to be but perhaps the quality merchandise is hearder to find. Good items sell very fast here. Some bargains but not many.

(From Tallahassee Astronomical Society)

An absolute treasure trove for the ATM! Military surplus optics (lenses, eyepieces, prisms, beam-splitters, etc), many unused, at ridiculously low prices. Must visit.

3. Southampton

Greenweld Electronics Ltd
27N Park Road
Southampton, SO15 3UQ UK
Tel: 01 703 236363 (UK)
Tel: +44 1 703 236363 (outside UK)
Fax: 01 703 236307 (UK)
Fax: +44 1 703 236307 (outside UK)
E-Mail: Compuserve 100014,1463
WWW: (10KB)

They have all the usual surplus stuff from memory to switches to staples to PSes to displays to batteries to electronics odds-n-ends, etc. Our 196 page 1996 Catalogue is now available - #2 UK, #4 elsewhere.

4. Sussex

(From Gerald Evans)

There is a nice mail order shop which has lots of electronic bits:

Bull Electrical
250 Portland Road
Hove, Sussex

Tel: 01273 203500
Fax: 01273 323077

They also have a shop at this address (opposite the Gala bingo hall), but I have not been there personally. Sells some 'decent' components (ask for their main catalogue), but has a regular newsletter (ask to be put on their mailing list) of surpulus stuff, including vaguely illegal stuff like video senders, radar blockers, air rifles etc, together with other interesting bits (most of which are of the "10-million of them for a pound" variety), like lasers, geiger counters, steam models, old "innovations" items.

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