Any good surplus places in CANADA, <blah>?

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W.J. Ford Surplus Enterprises CLOSED, Globe Electronics CLOSED, Toronto Surplus & Scientific new info

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2. Ontario

  2.1) Surplus Parts

    2.1.1) Active Components

Active Components
1023 Merivale Rd.
Tel: 728-7900

    2.1.2) Active Surplus Electronics

(From Bill Turini)

Active Surplus Electronics
347 Queen St W
(Queen St.W. between Spadina & University)
Toronto, Ont. M5V 2A4
Tel: (416) 593-0909
Fax: (416) 593-0057

Mostly parts, and lots of them. Surplus stuff, and lots of wire. Really good buys on some wire types. Still kicking myself for not buying some, but it would have been a problem carrying it on the plane :-)

(From Mark Kovarski)

Many items in stock. Cheap. If you want something VERY specific, they might not have it. Overall, if you want items cheap, go there.

    2.1.3) ADD Electronics Inc. (formerly Addison)

ADD Electronics Inc. (formerly Addison)
233 Armstrong Ave.
Tel: 729-2331

    2.1.4) Electronic Surplus Industries

(From Bill Turini)

Electronic Surplus Industries
1191 Lawrence Ave W. (Lawrence & Caledonia)
Tel: (416) 787-1837

Sid Lipkowitz is the owner. Call ahead of time since his hours are unpredictable. (Tue-Sat 11:00 - 16:00 ?)

Smallish store crammed with surplus parts, and some unusual items. Not worth visiting unless you are really desperate for a part and are willing to spend a lot of time searching, and getting dirty at it. Actually doesn't have any value except to a local homebrewer. If you are short on time, skip it. People have gotten good buys on items there, as things change daily.

    2.1.5) Forest City Surplus Ltd

Forest City Surplus Ltd.
1712 Dundas St. E.
London, Ontario
Canada, N5W3E1
Tel/Fax: 519-451-0246
WWW: (I'll save you the silly intro screen)

(Entirely too much java#%$* and dancing doo-dads... IHMO -ed)

Welcome to the wild and crazy world of surplus. We have been buying and selling surplus for the past 16 years. Our inventory changes constantly as new deals come and go. Currently over 7,300 different products in stock. Over 280 new items added in just the past 30 days.

    2.1.6) Focus Technologies

Focus Technologies
Tel: (905) 602-6266

See their home page to download complete listing (~250KB) of their parts. They have: Relays, Valves & Regulators, Breakers, Lighting Panels, Transmitters, Switches, Terminal Blocks, Miscellaneous

    2.1.7) Globe Electronics CLOSED

Globe Electronics
3585 Keele Steet
Downsview, Ontario

(From Dave, August 2006)

The toronto Surplus house "Globe Electronics" is no longer of this world. (As, sadly, I suspect is true of its owner)

    2.1.8) Neighbourhood Services

Neighbourhood Services
987 Wellington
Tel: 728-3737

    2.1.9) Sayal Electronics

(From Dave Martindale)

Sayal Electronics
3791 Victoria Park
a half block from
Toronto Surplus & Scientific (608 Gordon Baker Road)

A mix of new and surplus; surplus tends to be expensive. 3 locations; the largest and best-stocked is 3791 Victoria Park, actually just a half block from Toronto Surplus & Scientific

    2.1.10) Supremetronics Inc

(From Bill Turini)

Four doors down from Active Surplus Electronics is

Supremetronics Inc.
333 Queen St. W.
Toronto, Ont. M5V 2A4
Tel: (416) 598-9585
Fax: (416) 856-9898

Mostly new connectors and parts, especially car audio and adapters. If you're looking for a connector/adapter/capacitor/etc for a foreign electronic device, chances are they have it.


100 Sheldon Drive
Cambridge, ON
TEL: 519-622-4070
FAX: 519-622-8803

See their Map for directions. Systems Drives Controls Inc. has a large inventory of new and used AC and DC drives, motors, fuses, SCR's, contactors, boards, etc. Because the used market is growing with regard to the controls industry, S.D.C. Inc. is pleased to announce that it has thousands of dollars of various stock that must be sold (full warranty still applies in most cases). It is virtually impossible to list our entire inventory, so please contact us with you specific need. S.D.C. Inc is tied into a large network of used equipment dealers and will surely find what you are looking for.. (from their web page)

    2.1.12) Toronto Surplus & Scientific

(Updated!) Toronto Surplus & Scientific
(no longer have store, except by appointment - see website for info)
Richmond Hill, ON, L4E 1A2
Tel: 905-887-0007
Fax: 905-887-0006
WWW: (Must have Javascript!)

(From Wendy)

We have closed our retail store and are now mostly a web-based business (or by appt). We have newer radios on our our website
Some pictures of their inventory...

    2.1.13) Wackid Radio

Wackid Radio
312 Parkdale Ave.
Tel: 728-1821

Saw this on the web, usually bad news: "Doug reported that Wackid store isnow in receivership so we have lost asource of parts and material"

    2.1.14) W.J. Ford Surplus Enterprises


W.J. Ford Surplus Enterprises
4 Wellington St. (corner of Wellington & Harper Condie)
P.O. Box 606, Smith's Falls, Ont. K7A 4T6 Canada
Tel: (613) XXX-5195
Fax: (613) XXX-0637


  2.2) All New Parts

    2.2.1) Electrosonic (& HH & Daiwa)

(From Dave Martindale)

NOTE: Electrosonic doesn't really belong here, they sell ALL NEW parts

Gordon Baker Road

Right across from SONY Corp. Expensive but if they don't have it, nobody does. Catalog alone costs $30. Millions of parts (they claims they have millions and I believe them).

HH and Daiwa are right around the corner on the other side from Electrosonic. Cheaper but carry some stuff. Make sure you keep the receipt because from time to time (it happened years ago) the entire class had defective ICs.

There is Future and some others but they are mail-order and most have a minimum order deal.

  2.3) Radio Equipment

    2.3.1) Atlantic Ham Radio

(From Bill Turini)

Atlantic Ham Radio
Wilson Ave
Tel: (416) 636-3636
Open: m-f 10 to 6, sat 'til 2

Small store. Good stock. Will export to U.S. (mostly 800 Mhz scanners, which they tried to push while I was there) Prices seem about the same or higher than US. Probably don't ship much to US except for scanners for people monitoring cell phones.

    2.3.2) Norham Radio Inc

(From Bill Turini)

Norham Radio Inc.
4373 Steeles Ave W.
North York, Ont. M3N 1V7
Tel: (416) 667-1000
Fax: (416) 667-9995
Open: m-f 10 to 6, sat 'til 2

Very nice ham radio only store. Wide selection in stock. A few used pieces. Prices same or higher than US. Note that Alinco is not sold in Canada due to the fact that they have to be sent to the US for service and the ham stores don't want to go thru the hassle.

    2.3.3) HMCS Haida

(From Bill Turini)

Now, if you want to see genuine 'Boatanchors' aboard a ship, visit HMCS Haida at the Ontario Place Waterfront Park. The ship is open from 10:30 to 19:00 hours daily from May 20 to Labour Day. I'm sure that one of the staff can devote a few minutes of their time to show you Radio 1 if you ask. It's a wonderful place to visit.

3. Manitoba

  3.1) Surplus Parts

    3.1.1) Princess Auto

(From D.G. Baggaley)

Princess Auto
535 Panet Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tel: (204) 669-4269

They have stores in Calgary, [Alberta], Saskatoon ( I think ), [Saskatchewan], Dartmouth [Nova Scotia], and a few other places. Free catalogue and 1-800 mail order from Winnipeg. Good company to deal with. Low to mid end industrial tools (new). Odd assortment of surplus electrical motors, hydrolics, hardware, outdated electronics, and lots of bits and pieces to build any mechanical gizmo. Great for farmers and hobbiests.

I have no association with this company other than that I shop there.

4. Vancouver

  4.1) Surplus Parts

    4.1.1) Satellite Electronics

(From Manfred Heep)

Satellite Electronics
3553 Main St
Tel: (604) 874-3012

Deals with military surplus junk, fasteners, old circuit boards, test gear, etc. A good start for some ham radio enthusiasts who might wish to construct their own gear or accessories. Lots of vacuum tube era stuff. Not an overly well organized shop, but good for a snoop. Often some good bargains to be had.

    4.1.2) R.P. Electronics

R.P. Electronics
2113 West 4th Ave
Tel: (604) 738-6722
Fax: (604) 738-3002

Also deals with anything from hobby supplies, older pc boards, computer supplies (lots of older related stuff), great for ham radio supplies. Good source for oddball connectors, surplus hardware, wide range of electronic parts.

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