Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Comments on copy problems               
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Comments on copy problems

(From: Copenhagen Cowboy (cowboy@fastlane.net).)

Copy problems can be hard to figure out, but given the evidence the copier gives you, you can now probably determine what to check.

Black or dark lines are mostly caused by dirty optics (not enought light getting to the Drum) Blank copies might be a broken corona wire, or even failed High Voltage board. Black copies can mean a bad exposure lamp (broken or burnt out) or failed exposure lamp thermal fuse. Black copies with even blacker images in them could be overtoned (too much toner in the developer unit) or bad drum ground (the drum cannot discharge {the voltages have nowhere to go, so they just stay on the drum). Bad drum grounds usually pull developer, and you get the grit on the copies.