150 Watt Multiple Output Switchmode Power Supply

This is a never used Power Solutions, Inc. Easymod(tm) open frame switching power supply with 5 VDC (7.7 A), 12 VDC (6.6 A), and 24 VDC (2 A) outputs. Size: 6.5" x 3.75" x 1.5". Screw terminal inputs and outputs.

Good small size and the right voltages to run lasers, motors, and logic.

The specs state that a 20 percent load minimum is required on the 5 VDC output for proper regulation. I have found that the supply is stable with no load but the secondary output voltages are low. For the unit I tested, a 10 percent load on the 5 VDC output (an 8 ohm power resistor) was adequate for to obtain full voltage from the 24 VDC output.

I have used these power supplies with a variety of lasers including the HENELSK1 and HENELSK2 (24 VDC output), and the Coherent C315M Analog Controller (12 VDC output), Coherent C215M (5 VDC output), and Uniphase uGreen HYB B Controller (5 VDC output). For these, a 10 W, 5 ohm power resistor was used on the 5 VDC output to assure regulation.

This exact model is no longer listed on the Power Solutions Web site but the specifications should be simmilar to Power Solutions Easymod 180 Watt Multiple Output Switcher.