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Our mission here is to provide informtion about Lasers and Laser related equipment to the Amateur, Hobbyist, and Experimenter. Our site is the focal and collecting point of FREE information about these wonderful light emitting devices and their technology. This site is here to post information for the use of others and NOT to make profit at their expense. We will be happy to add links to your site or post your information provided it is FREE for all to use, it does not contain Proprietary or Trade secrets, and it is directly related to our mission.

Here is a document with a great deal of practical information on Lasers: Safety, Info, Links, Parts; Diode, HeNe, Ar/Kr Lasers including: basic laser safety information, diode and HeNe drive requirements, power supply design considerations, parts sources, other general topics, references, and links. It includes schematics for *8* diode laser drivers and *16* complete helium neon laser power supplies as well as other support circuits like regulators and modulators! A new chapter has been added with useful information on 'small' air-cooled argon and krypton (rare gas) ion lasers.

Though not yet nicely formatted (just boring ASCII) or entered into the most excellent web page hierarchy at this site, that should come with time. (Currently, this document is the only significant information here though the menu entries will show what is needed.) We are eagerly seeking feedback and contributions in any or all of the major areas listed below as well as suggestions for additional laser related topics.

Stay tuned to this web page for future developments!

Laser Safety, Training and CDRH Laser Classifications

Laser Safety Equipment Manufacturers

Common Ion Lasers

Semiconductor Diode Lasers

Common Gas Lasers

Solid State Lasers

Dye Lasers

Miscellaneous Lasers (Which don't fit in the catagories above)

Laser Current Sources and Power Supplies

Thermo-Electric Coolers and Controllers

Laser Optical Measurement Tools

Links to Hobbyist Suppliers

Links to Laser Manufacturers

Laser FAQ and Laser Theory

Equipment Donation Sources

Buy, Sell and Trade Area

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