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Dual Flashlamp 2D Cavity Ray Trace




Above is the two dimensional cavity ray trace as seen from the end walls. This design was adopted for the amplifiers for the RW-MOPA version 6. This particular dimension choosen is a 0.665" x 1.45" cavity for the 9mm flashlamps and 3/8" rod. Each flashlamp pumps radially as follows: 39 degrees of direct to rod, 39 degrees intercepted by other flashlamp , 24 degrees of double bounce to the rod, 121 degrees of single bounce to rod, 137 degrees intercepted by the flashlamp itself. This arrangement allows 184 degrees of radiation from each flashlamp to intercept the rod and concentrating most of the energy in the inner two thirds of the rod. The focused light seen is from the curved reflectors behind the flashlamps and the laser rod focusing the light. The focused light not absorb by the rod will be focused onto the flashlamps and will be reabsorbed by the blackbody radiation source.