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1. Introduction and Feedback

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2. LCD

  2.1) FAQs & How-To
Christopher Burian's LCD MODULE TECHNICAL REFERENCE V40B (September_1996a)
Scott M. Bruck's LCD PHYSICS & PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION FAQ V1.00 (Aug_18_1993)
Or you can get a text version from URL: (R ~55KB)
Erik Nordin's Specs for HD44780-based LCDs V1.00 (5/11/95)
Ian Harries' Hitachi LM018L LCD module FAQ & HD44780 info (R)
Peer Ouwehand's How to control HD44780-based Character-LCD (R)
Chris Hirsch's LCD Info (R)
Jeff Sampson's Graphic LCD Controller Info - digitized datasheets on 6963 and SED1330, sample ASM code, and much more. (R)
Dave Negro's 68HC11 code for LCDs (R ~10KB)

  2.2) Associations & Forums
International Liquid Crystal Society (R)
LCD Technical Forum (R) MUST VISIT!
Courtesy EIO

  2.3) Projects for LCD
Ben's LCD Status Display for Linux (R)
David Tait's Borland C++ code to test HD44780 from Parallel Port (R)
Pete Dunster's LCD/Keypad extension board for the F1 Controller. (R)

  2.4) Misc

Alan Triggs' Touchscreen Hardware FAQ V2.06 (3/19/97) (0KB)
Please Note that this FAQ covers the BASIC HARDWARE not applications. If you wish to find a turnkey system, search for '+touchscreen +kiosk' on, say,

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